Atteberry Landscape offers outstanding landscaping services to residential and commercial customers. We can make your existing landscape look much better with trimming and pruning or we can make it pop with color by adding beautiful flowering shrubs, annuals and perennials that return every year to provide colorful contrast in your gardens. We also offer Spring clean ups and use proper techniques when pruning back perennials, roses and other flowering plants.

Landscape Design

Mark Atteberry is a self taught designer. He has been designing attractive yet practical landscapes for the North Texas area since 2002. He takes the necessary time to consult with clients to determine their unique style and tastes in plants and hardscapes. Your ideas and preferences will play a key role in the planning and design process. With 15 years experience and countless hours staying on top of new horticultural practices, we can help you understand your plant choices and then teach you or your maintenance service how to maintain your plants for maximum health and beauty. Our knowledge of the varying water needs of different plants and our ability to modify existing sprinkler systems to properly water all plants insures that your plants look their best in the heat of the summer.

Landscape Renovations

There are times when mature landscapes have overgrown plants or plants have not done well in a certain location. We provide landscape renovations to make your tired overgrown landscape look like it should. He can remove hopeless plants, prune back overgrown plants, add new plants, change the size and shapes of existing beds and even modify the sprinklers to keep plants looking their best. And we can do it without throwing away all of the existing plants. When possible we can transplant good but misplaced plants to new locations where they will thrive. No matter the size or layout of your space, we can renovate it to enhance property's curb appeal and make it more enjoyable.

Outdoor Living

Some people think of the patio, walk paths, fences and retaining walls as a separate issue from the gardens. We know that when the hardscape and landscape are considered together that each can be maximized to enhance the other. Our team of building professionals is passionate about patios decks and outdoor living areas. Our outdoor design solutions will make your garden and patio so much more enjoyable and it’s beauty will draw you and your visitors outside. After all, a new patio is the perfect place for barbecues, family gatherings, late nights outside, and early morning Summer breakfasts.